Thursday, May 4, 2017

Brainstorm slideshow

3 things happening in Rotorua

  • There are a lot of homeless moms that will work but there is a lack of jobs in Rotorua
  • Love Soup Rotorua is a business that provides food for the homeless
  • Many of the people on the street are trying to find work
  • These people sleep in their Cars or reserves
  • More people are becoming homeless every week

  • Jagdev was suspicious when a man with a hood covering his face walked into the liquor shop
  • Most of the shop's customers are regular customers from the area
  • Another man came in and demanded money who is with the first man
  • and Aujla knew they were gonna get robbed
  • Aujla throw a stool at them
  • Bhullar run towards them with a hockey stick
  • The two people ran to their car and drove off
  • The car got found at Linton Park community and was a stolen car from Auckland

  • Love Soup Rotorua says they had 22 families come to them in the last 2 weeks being served with 90 day notices
  • Finding rental properties in Rotorua is very hard
  • Recently Love soup has been preventing families from becoming homeless
  • Homeless are staying at a motel in Rotorua at the moment

Monday, March 20, 2017

Letter to my future self

Letter to future self
 Dear Lydia 2/2/17 Me Now: Hello Lydia, it’s Lydia from 2017, my hopes for the future are to do well in School academically and try my hardest with everything I do, i also want to try my hardest and have a good sportsman ship toward Witarina house and also the extra activities that i am going to take part in. I like my friends and family, netball and volleyball, spending time with friends, I also LOVE traveling and helping other people out. I dislike people who bully, deadly animals and insects. What I like about myself is my eyes, personality and how i make people laugh and when they are sad cheer them up. I dislike my freckles and I hate when my hair goes frizzy. I am proud of my achievements and who I am. I think about the people that care about me and to focus on my work. I am Lydia Jane Treleaven who has attendant Glenholme Primary, Rotorua Intermediate and now Rotorua Girls High School. My Home town is Rotorua. I live on Malfroy Road. I have my own room with a bed, sports table and a desk, I also have draws. I am in Witarina house at Girl High. My favourite foods are Ice- Cream, Sushi and Pizza, I also love Starbucks. I have 6 pets 3 are cats/kitten named Ginger, Shadow and Stitch, I also have a horse named Flicka, a dog named Lilo and I rabbit called Rex. My hobbies are Netball, Singing and Volleyball. I mostly hang out with my friends and have a good laugh with them. I spend my weekends either relaxing or out with my friends or Family. I admire my Family and some of my teachers. I admire my Mum the most because she is a great role model and try’s the hardest she can and helped me get to where I am in my life. I respect everyone around me and love helping people if they are feeling down. The Important people in my life are my family and friends and also the people who have helped me become me. What I want to do Is have a job where i can travel or/and travel the world. My long term goals are to try my hardest, respect everyone, to graduate and to improve with everything I do.